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A Little 'Bout The Foundation

We created this foundation in honor and loving memory of our youngest son, Braxton Levi Dollar.


When we were going through the pediatric cancer journey with our youngest son, our social worker explained to us that when you have a child fighting cancer, there are non-profits that help families with everyday expenses.  Without those organizations and foundations, we might have lost everything along with our sweet child.


Our Mission is to physically, financially, and emotionally support families with a child fighting cancer of any type, because no family should have to fight pediatric cancer alone.  We help to soften the burden of this journey just a bit.  It’s sad how often families lose their homes and everything they had while their child is fighting cancer.


That is why we do what we do! We are here to stand by and support families when they need it the most, during their child’s pediatric cancer diagnoses, and beyond.


We meet families where they are in their child’s battle with pediatric cancer. We help with items like mortgage/rental payments, utility bills, car payments, gas cards for travel to and from treatment, school supplies, grocery gift cards, counseling sessions, etc.


We know firsthand that when your child is fighting cancer, the last thing you need is one more item to worry about. Concerns about how are the bills getting paid, how there will be food on the table, or how you’ll get gas in the tank for the next trip back to Children’s Healthcare are things you don’t have the time or energy to worry about. You are too busy caring for your child, measuring out medication doses, keeping up with appointments, treatments, and whatever else the journey throws at your child.


All funds for The Braxton Dollar Foundation, Inc. are raised through community fundraising events and public auctions. 100% of the funds raised will go directly to families with a child fighting cancer.


We hope you will join us in supporting this cause!

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A few reasons why we do it!


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