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A collapsible wagon seems like such a small and simple thing, yet it’s the small things that become the most important when your child is in the fight of their life. Cancer of any kind isn’t easy, but pediatric cancer is difficult on so many levels.


During Braxton’s battle with DIPG, we found ourselves traveling to Atlanta in the early mornings for radiation treatment at Emory Proton Therapy Center, located across the street from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. It’s there that Braxton received 6 weeks of radiation treatment, Monday - Friday at 7 AM during late January and into February. Then later that year in December, he received another 3 week round of radiation treatment, again Monday- Friday at 7 AM. During those cold, early morning hours, his cloth, collapsible wagon made life a lot easier. It was soft and warm for him, free of anyone else’s germs, had a cup holder, and made navigating to the radiation treatment center easier since it is located on the basement level of the building, and down a long ramp.


During his radiation treatment days, Braxton was able to gift wagons to several other children that were going through treatment at the same time. He even stopped by to visit and donate a few wagons to Emory’s Radiation Oncology department’s pediatric CHOA patients after his treatments were done.


Following in Braxton’s lead, we host a fundraiser and donate collapsible wagons every 2 years to Emory’s Proton Therapy Center, The Winship Cancer Institute location in Atlanta. These donated wagons are then given free of charge to any pediatric patient receiving radiation treatment at Emory’s now two Atlanta locations.


In September of 2019, we delivered 85 collapsible wagons to the treatment center and in September 2021 we delivered 100 collapsible wagons. These wagons were shared between the two Atlanta locations.


Thank you all for allowing us the ability to give to others at such a difficult time in their lives. No one fights pediatric cancer alone.


For us, we feel it helps with the healing process to provide for others during their time of need.

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